Property Maintenance Tips Maintenance Tips

If your a DIY around the house, or worrying whether your home’s is maintained, then these tips are a guide for you.  These tips will includes general house maintenance tips that could save you money if not inspected or checked on a yearly basis.

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Clean gutters regularly - You need to inspect the gutters at your rental properties routinely. They can easily become clogged with leaves and other debris. Clogged gutters can cause leaks and damage to your property. The trapped water can find its way into the property through the roof and may cause mould build up.


Change main door locks - Before a new tenant or owner moves in, you should always change the locks on the main doors. This is done for the safety of the tenant and to protect you from liability. You do not want an old tenant to have the keys to the new tenant’s apartment.


Smoke detectors - It is a building requirement to install smoke alarms and test and replace flat batteries yearly or within 30 days before the tenancy begins. It is important to test and clean each alarm every year and replace the batteries.


Washing Machine & Dryer - It is important to regularly inspect your washing machine water supply hoses for leaks at least annually and replace them every three years if they are plastic. If you notice that the metal ends of your water supply lines are discolored or rusty, replace them immediately.


Paint - You can easily give your property a facelift and improve the value by repainting. However, repainting the entire property can be costly and sometime timely to accomplish. You can save both time and money by strategically touching up your paint job every so often. 


Wall tiles, Bath and Shower base discolour - Don’t replace your worn or discoloured bath or shower base.  Using the right products and procedures, these can be recoated saving you time and money instead of having them replaced.