Renovation in Kensington


Cosmetic Renovations can add great value to your home and investment property.  Its all about being visual and this is especially true when it comes to renovation cosmetically.

It’s about producing a visual uplift without doing any major structural work.

Cosmetic renovations are generally cheaper than structural renovations and usually offer more bang for your buck. 

For all your quality cosmetic renovation repairs and improvements for your home, business or investment property in Kensington, call and speak with the friendly experts at Heart & Soul Properties.

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The following are usually considered part of a cosmetic renovation:

  • Painting 
  • Adding wall to create more rooms or removing walls to open up space. 
  • Plastering - Fixing dents/cracks in walls
  • Light fittings and window furnishings
  • Carpet and timber flooring
  • Updating basic household hardware
  • External facade works
  • Landscaping 

As a guide, we recommend that around 10% of the property price is required for a full cosmetic renovation.  Lets us show you how and where to spend that 10%.  Please feel free to call and speak with the friendly experts at Heart & Soul Property Renovation in Melbourne.